Boneng Transmission

Boneng Transmissions


PW Planetary Winch Gearbox


  • High modular design.
  • Compact design and dimension, light weight.
  • Wide range of ratio, high efficiency, stable running and low noise level.
  • Several planet wheels run with load at the same time and distribute the power to realize the combination and separation of moving.
  • Assemble the PW winch gear box in the drum and save the space. Especially in the confined space conditions, it is the economic solutions.
  • Housing and planet carrier are designed through computer simulated deformation and stress analysis.

Product design

  • Planetary stage: 2 stage, 3 stage or 4 stage.
  • Input mode: with electric motor or hydraulic motor. When hydraulic motor inputs, the PW winch gear box is with hydraulic loose—spring multi disc brake system.
  • Output mode: flange or internal gear wheel.
Boneng PW Planetary Winch Gearbox