P Series – Planetary Gearbox


  • High modular design.
  • Compact design and dimension, light weight.
  • Wide range of ratio, high efficiency, stable running and low noise level.
  • Several planet wheels run with load at the same time and distribute the power to realize the combination and separation of moving.
  • Realize the coaxial transmission easily.
  • Rich optional accessories.

Product design

  • Planetary stage: 2 stage or 3 stage.
  • Input mode: N standard (coaxial mode), S 1st stage helical gear shaft, L 1st bevel gear shaft, K 1st bevel-helical gear shaft.
  • Output mode: solid shaft (with key, with involute splines), hollow shaft (with shrink disc, with involute splines)

Main applied for

  • Harbor and shipping
  • Hoist and transport
  • Electric power
  • Cement and construction
  • Metal processing
  • Chemical industry and environmental protection

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