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PW Series – Winch Gear Unit

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  • PW winch gear unit is the perfect driven device for hoisting winches. Compact dimensions is useful to assemble the PW winch gear unit in the drum and save the space. Especially in the confined space conditions, it is the economic solutions. Boneng PW winch gear units have proved highly successful under extreme bad operating conditions.
  • Sun and planet wheels material is excellent alloy steel and processed by carburization and quenching. Internal gear wheel material is excellent alloy steel and processed by hardening. All gears are ground.
  • The connection flange of planet carrier and internal gear wheel are made of ductile graphite iron. Optimal design through the computer and the stress analysis.
  • All bearings are from famous brand. The bearings have high loading support and safety.
  • The input and output are protected with radial shaft seals and V type seals. Viton material improves the seal life.
  • High modular design. Volume production is more economic and speeds up the delivery period.
  • 2 stage, 2 stage and 4 stage design and wide range of ratio.
  • Low noise, high efficiency and long operation life.
  • Easy mounting and maintenance.