Boneng Transmission

Boneng Transmissions


About Boneng

Boneng Transmissions is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial gearboxes in China with many designs that are typical of industry standards.

However, they should not be confused with any other manufacturer of similar gearboxes although they may appear externally similar.

For example

  • Boneng offer electric motor mounting flanges to suit ISO metric frames plus many other optional features not offered by their competitors such as mating output shafts, drive couplings and custom gearbox designs (extended centre distances).
  • Boneng model numbers use an industry standard alpha prefix abbreviation of normal German words such as:

F” = Flachgetriebe which translates to “flat gearing” in English.

K” = Kegelstirnradgetriebe which translates to “bevel helical gearing” in English.

S” = Schneckengetriebe which translates to “worm gearing” in English.